The Fucci Company Property Management Services


Our Promise

Excellence and dependability are everyday standards at The Fucci Company, Inc. Our highly trained staff stays abreast of market trends to keep you informed. Our commitment to quality is evidenced by the demand for our services. We are dedicated to real estate management at all levels and whatever your management needs, we can put your property to work for you.

At The Fucci Company, Inc., we manage each project as if it were our own.

Property Management Services

Property Management Services at The Fucci Company, Inc. generally conforms to one of the three following categories: Occupancy Administration includes all tenant related issues, from marketing initial rent-ups of new residential and commercial properties, through administering tenancies in effect and negotiating lease renewals. Residential accounts are assured of careful tenant selection and certification (where appropriate), enforcement of lease or condominium bylaws, and mediation with established tenant or condo councils. Additional responsibilities on all projects include representation of the project owner in any tenant action or dispute.

Fiscal Management, based on general accounting procedures, incorporates HUD or USDA, RD prescribed standards where required. Each month a detailed financial report is generated for every project owner. Our sophisticated accounting system and IBM Novell networked computer system provide financial management and reporting with the capability to produce case flow analyses, trial balances and budget performance reports. Projects are examined on a regular basis to determine whether adjustments are necessary to keep them in line with projections.

Maintenance Supervision entails the development and implementation of a project’s maintenance plan, supervision of employees and subcontractors, and negotiations of all maintenance contracts.

All maintenance work is supervised by our firm which conducts frequent site inspections in order to maintain a sound program of preventative maintenance. Monthly reports for each site are filed and reviewed by company management. We provide prompt response time to all maintenance requests and, because some problems simply cannot be placed on hold, we maintain an office with emergency back-up of both maintenance and administrative personnel with full 24-hour service.