About The Fucci Company


About The Fucci Company Staff

The Fucci Company believes that a strong relationship between our staff and our tenants is crucial to a successful outcome. We know that a happy resident will want to stay for the long haul. A total win-win for everyone!

So, we would like to start things off by introducing some of our key staff member here. Please feel free to reach out to us through the contact page whenever you need. Call us during business hours or use the form at all other times.

David Fucci, President

David was born, raised and currently resides in Rutland, Vermont. He attended New Hampshire College and is owner and president of The Fucci Company. David has an impressive development and construction background, having completed over 75 new homes in the Rutland region in the past 30 plus years. David has also completed construction projects in excess of $2.5 million during this period. He is also widely recognized for his expertise in the construction and maintenance fields. David is past president of the Homebuilders and Remodelers Association of Southern Vermont and is regularly petitioned to provide expert testimony in pending civil litigations regarding construction and related matters.

David has been directly involved in the field of real estate management and development since 1979. He has extensive experience as a general contractor on several major commercial projects and residential developments and has acted as a consultant on numerous others.

In addition, he is president and stockholder of Allstate Realty and Development, Inc. Allstate Realty and Development, Inc is the construction company name David builds under.

Michele Taube, Comptroller

Michele has been with The Fucci Company since 2002. Michele started out as the Certified Housing Manager then was promoted to Comptroller in 2019.  She has worked with the following agencies:  VHA, VHFA, HUD and USDA Rural Development.  Michele has an involved understanding of all the rules and regulations of subsidized family and elderly housing programs as well as a full range of computer skills.  Michele has received her certification for Assisted Housing Manager and Low Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance-TaCCS.  Michele is now responsible for all phases of the financial operations and general supervision/training of office staff.


Courtney Dupre, Occupancy Manager

Courtney is new to our team in 2019 and has been in the property management field since 2002.  Courtney is respnsible for all aspects of lease ups; inspections; application processing; and is currently training to be certified in HUD and USDA Rural Development housing regulations.

Tracey Urbani, Rental Agent

Tracey started with our team in 2019. She is the first person you will see when you enter the office or talk with on the phone. Tracey processes maintenance requests, first stage application screening, and takes new property management inquiries.  Either way, she will make you feel right at home in a professional manner.


Our Maintenance Staff

Michael Sheehe

Sheehe’s Heating & Home Improvements has done on-call maintenance for The Fucci Company since 1995. Mike is a plumber certified in oil and propane with Silver Certification for oil and CETEP for LP.

Brent Wilbur

Brent joined our team as Maintenance Supervisor. He comes to us from Naylor & Breen where he was a Project Manager and Supervisor for 20 years. Brent works alongside the other maintenance staff with a hands-on approach.

James Park

James joined the team in 2012 and has worked in the plumbing & heating business for many years and all aspects of service calls. James handles most of the day to day maintenance calls.

Scott Young

Scott has done construction, painting and lawn care for The Fucci Company since 1992.

Todd Morrison

Todd joined our maintenance team in 2016. Todd has been in the property maintenance field for over 22 years. His primary respnsibilities are grounds but also helps out with painting, cleaning and maintenance.

Jay Bruno

Jay joined our maintenance team in 2018. Jay’s responsibilities are grounds, painting, cleaning and light maintenance.